I want to be a Hotel Boy

If you asked your children what they would like to do when they grow up, you’d get varied replies.  One might want to be a journalist; one an architect; another might want to pursue engineering; and some might be unsure which direction they are heading.

I asked this question to a young boy from an impoverished background what he’d like to do in future.

He thought for a moment, and then said “Hotel boy”.

Hearing this unexpected reply, I further asked him the reason for his reply.

“We always have little to eat at home so I figured if I worked at a hotel, I could eat the leftovers and take some for my family as well, ” he answered.

My eyes became wet when he uttered those words. Why do such simple words from a child move me? It made me think about my own perspective about life. How selfish we are and how easily we take for granted the little things in life that many lack? Whether it be our family, our resources, or our health; most of us are self-centered, and when our self-centered nature receives a jolt, we complain that life isn’t fair.

There are millions of children like this boy who have so little yet, stay content with the little they have. Should we just let them remain this way? Or can we not do something for them so that they too may enjoy some of the benefits we have become so used to? Let us change our attitude towards life, remembering those that are less fortunate than us. And strive to help build a better future for those in need. You can join hands with us and reach out to Help a Child of India

– Nancy Nalsawnthar

Nancy works as a Sponsor Relationship Officer with Help A Child of India.

To Help a child , Contact us at

Help A Child of India, # 10, 7th Street, I Block, Vallalar Kudiyiruppu, Annanagar West, Chennai – 600 040, INDIA

We are just a call away – 044-42645074


About Help A Child Of India

Help a Child of India is a Child care and development non-profit organisation ensuring Hope and Happiness to the poor and needy children in India since 1968. Help a Child of India has impacted the lives of scores of children in India. With its presence in 14 states across India, Help a child of India has engaged in the development of deprived children who would otherwise continue to be in the peripheries of the social fabric.
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