Heroes of Uttarakhand

June 2013 was a dreadful month for Uttarakhand. Nature played havoc in Uttarakhand that cost more than 10000 lives. The floods ransacked the whole place. Thousands of people lost their near and dear ones, houses, jobs. The landslides that usually happen in Uttarakhand added salt to the injury by taking away with them large buildings.

Help a child of India was one among the first few NGOs which sprung into action for relief and rehabilitation work. The following pictures will take you through the relief operation work done by our relief team who dared it all to reach the people in need.

1) The Relief staff packing the relief materials which consisted of food products, medicines, clothing, school kit for children, T shirts, towels, blankets, sweaters.


2) The relief team is all set to start their work


3) The relief truck is also loaded with relief materials


4) This is one sample relief kit. This particular kit was specially designed for school children.


5) The second relief team packs their relief material


6) They traveled through a very dangerous terrain. The roads were washed away. This picture was taken in Agastmuni


7) The roads were cleared at regular intervals because landslides were happening every now and then. To travel a distance of 3 kilometers, our relief team had to take a route with distance of more than 90 kilometers. [Place: Dewal in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand]


8) As the bridge that connects two mountains collapsed, the only means of distributing relief materials in some villages is through this rope [ Place: Silli]


9) The relief materials are being transported to the nearest villages through ropes.


10) Some villages had no road connections and the only way to reach them is by climbing the mountains by foot.


11) This was a common sight during our relief work. The roads would often require some clearing. In the picture, you can also see some parts of a four wheel jeep that fell down from the top during the floods.


12) We saw a big rock right in front of us. The excavation team is breaking the big rock so that it doesn’t run down on people crossing the path. 


13) Some of the buildings that got a taste of nature’s fury. The floods swept a part of them


14) Many schools were washed away. This is a small make shift school where school kits were distributed to the children.[ Place :Silli]


15) Many children had lost their dear ones. But they are back to school. 


16) One school which is half buried under mud [ Place: Teffna; Chamoli district]


17) Some classes are happening on mountain tops. Just a sheet of plastic is spread for the children to sit and study. [ Place: Sumari ]


18) Some more distribution work in Sumari.


19) The children received the school kit with much joy and we could see it in their eyes. [ Place : Tilwara]


20) We also had happiness to help them at a time when they needed us most.

The relief guys

21) Their smiles says it all.


22) After a tiring day, the school children take the relief material back to their villages.

DSCN3296 DSCN3298

23) Life still goes on as the children bounce back to school the very next day fighting all odds.


Let us remember these children in our prayers.

– Our Blog Correspondent


About Help A Child Of India

Help a Child of India is a Child care and development non-profit organisation ensuring Hope and Happiness to the poor and needy children in India since 1968. Help a Child of India has impacted the lives of scores of children in India. With its presence in 14 states across India, Help a child of India has engaged in the development of deprived children who would otherwise continue to be in the peripheries of the social fabric.
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