The story of Babli Kumari crafted by Help a Child of India’s intervention


Babli Kumari is a College student from a small village in Madhepura dictrict, Bihar. The people in her village are illiterate and Babli Kumari is the first girl in her village to act as a change agent in her village. Help a Child of India guided Babli Kumari and trained her to become the voice of her community to reach them to access health services.

She facilitates village meetings every month, inviting her friends, pregnant, lactating mothers to attend in the meeting. She has developed a friends circle and influenced them to maintain cleanliness. She has become a voice for the girls on gender violence and girl child protection issues. She is smart enough to talk to any government official who visits her village.

Help a Child of India is making a positive impact in the lives of girl children across the country. You can sponsor a girl child and be the reason for helping many Babli Kumaris to realise their dreams. To sponsor a child, click


About Help A Child Of India

Help a Child of India is a Child care and development non-profit organisation ensuring Hope and Happiness to the poor and needy children in India since 1968. Help a Child of India has impacted the lives of scores of children in India. With its presence in 14 states across India, Help a child of India has engaged in the development of deprived children who would otherwise continue to be in the peripheries of the social fabric.
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