About HACI

Help  a Child of India was born out of the passion of one woman -Anna –Marie (Anky) Rookmaaker of Netherlands. She visited India  in the 1960’s and was shattered by the suffering of children living in poverty and vulnerable circumstances. She decided to do something about this. Therefore in 1968, she founded Red een Kind which literally means ‘help a child’.

Help A Child of India is a registered Society, which ministers to vulnerable children across the country, regardless of caste,religion and gender. It has its presence in India for over forty years  and has  impacted the lives of more than 30,000 children.

Help a Child provides care and support to children through residential  and community development programmes .


“A life of Joy and dignity for all children as God intended it to be”


Compelled by the love of Jesus Christ, we strive to create opportunities for vulnerable children and their families to live a life of dignity in a safe environment, free from poverty, discrimination and exploitation. We partner with likeminded stake holders in promoting sustainable development, justice and peace.

Core Values


Love is the basic value from which the other values flow. We are touched, inspired and motivated by the love of Jesus Christ.


Promoting justice will reduce the vulnerability of the poor, especially the children, and improve their resilience. Justice gives the poor and marginalized people their rightful place in society. It prevents discrimination based on economic background, religion, race, gender or caste.


Compassion prompts us to address immediate and urgent needs quickly.  Compassion prevails even when justice fails.


It is the poor in general and the children in particular, who suffer most in an environment of strife, violence, unrest and chaos. Only a peaceful environment can promote sustainable development. Reconciliation paves the way for a peaceful environment.


We believe that God has entrusted various resources to us as His stewards. We are accountable to Him and to people on how we use these resources. Therefore all our activities are characterized by truthfulness, transparency, accountability and dedication.

What We Do

We help children across India, irrespective of their caste, gender, faith or social background.  We work with them to overcome the evils of poverty and discrimination so that they can live a life of dignity.

Residential Child Care:

Help a Child of India started residential child care in 1968 and has provided care and support to thousands of poor children from across India. Many of these children do not have one parent or both the parents.  Our homes have produced many great citizens for this country.  Not surprisingly some of them have dedicated their lives for lifting others out of poverty and are holding responsible positions in reputed development organisations.

Child Centred Community Development:

In recent years, we have started child centred community development programmes where children’s problems are addressed within the overall context of their community.  We work with the community to identify and remove the root causes of poverty. We believe in the inherent capacity of the community to think through and come out with solutions to problems faced by them.   Therefore we play a supporting and facilitating role. Our objective is to create a wheel of sustainable development that will go on even after we leave the community. In this approach, the children have the added advantage of living with their parents or the extended family.

We work among the neediest communities in India, particularly in states that have large numbers of people living below poverty line (i.e. families earning less than Rs. 60 per day). We greatly value the dignity of all people and this is reflected in the way we work with people.

Help A Child of India has its Office at
# 10, 7th Street, I Block, Vallalar Kudiyiruppu, Annanagar West, Chennai – 600 040, INDIA

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  1. HaRy says:

    love the work!

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